The Medical Staff Services department at Children’s Medical Center has created this electronic verification portal to streamline the process for obtaining a credentialing verification for one of the following types of providers:
• Medical/Dental Staff membership and/or privileges
• Advanced Practice Professional (APP) privileges
• Allied Health Professional (AHP) verification of those who are not employed by Children’s, however have been credentialed and granted permission to provide services
You may search for a provider by typing any part of the name in the text box below and pressing the SEARCH button:
Provider Name:   

By clicking the search button above, you attest that you have obtained the appropriate signed attestation/release form from the provider.
• The letter provided will only provide the dates of the most recent credentialing term. If a provider has ever left and come back to Children’s, the previous instances where credentialing was granted will not be displayed in the letter.
• The dates provided do not include instances where temporary privileges were granted.
• If the provider currently has temporary privileges, is an applicant, is on leave of absence, or is on suspension for any reason, a verification through this electronic verification portal will not be available.
• Please fax a request (with signed attestation/release) to 214-456-1818 or email a request to if the provider you are searching for does not display.
Please contact the Central Verification Office at 214-456-1814 if you have any questions or need a verification for Children’s Medical Center Plano, Our Children’s House, or Pediatric Ambulatory Surgery Center Southlake.
CONFIDENTIAL PEER REVIEW: This document and any related communication pertaining to this document is a proceeding or record of Children’s Medical Center of Dallas’ Peer Review Committee and is privileged and confidential in accordance with Texas Occupations Code, §160.007, Texas Health & Safety Code §161.032 and/or the Federal Health Care Quality Improvement Act, 42 U.S.C. 11101 et. seq. Peer review records and communications at Children’s are generated as part of the ongoing quality monitoring, performance improvement, professional and/or peer review activities and include the evaluation of medical and health care services, evaluation of the qualifications and professional conduct of professional health care practitioners and the patient care provided by those practitioners.